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Reico Natürlich

12 points that matter!

Reico is characterized by:

  • The mineral balance

  • No fillers / flavorings

  • No colorings / preservatives

  • No chemical thickeners

  • Without meat and bone meal

  • Without sugar or sugar substitutes

  • Without ominous fat additions

  • Without genetically modified raw materials

  • Without animal testing!

  • Also gluten or grain free

  • The meat used is food grade

  • Gentle cold filling

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Reico Ridgeback

The foundation stone of later health is laid in the first year of life!

Good, species-appropriate pet food prevents many allergies and diseases.

Reico offers different feed compositions, also ideally suited for allergy sufferers. Due to the gentle processing and cold filling, the valuable ingredients are retained.

The dried meat content is:

  • Wet food: 69 - 78%

  • Dry food: 43 - 50%

There is a herb for everything!

In addition to healthy complete feed, Reico offers another important nutritional and physiological component with Naturkraft supplementary feed and mineral supplement feed. These were developed over many years of research by pharmacists, biologists and physiotherapists.

It is very easy to use. Depending on the problem, one of the different recipes is added to the feed.

The main goals for your animals:

  • Protection against susceptibility and environmental influences

  • Support veterinary work on nutrition

  • Improvement of resistance and increase in service life

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Reico Vital Futter

Health starts with the right food

Discover the difference

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Trockenfutter Reico, chemiefrei

Natural dry food

Chemistry & free of additions

All ingredients are of food grade quality

Reico Nassfutter

Natural wet food

Chemistry & free of additions

All ingredients are of food grade quality

Mineralisches Gleichgewicht Reico

"In Mineral Balance"

-Unique selling point-
The only pet food with the mineral balance

Indispensable for the immune system, skin, fur, bones etc.

In mineral balance,
a dog's life long!

• Healthy skin. • Shiny, dandruff-free coat

• No permanent hair loss • Low-fat muscles • Stable intestinal flora

• Strong joints • Strong immune system • Strong nervous system • Healthy teeth / gums

• Less dog odor • Better feed utilization

  • Glänzendes, schuppenfreies Fell

  • Fettarme Muskulatur   

  • Starke Gelenke

  • Starkes Nervensystem

  • Weniger Hundegeruch

Reico is a family owned business based in the Allgäu.
The company founder, Mr. Konrad Reiber (animal alternativ practitioner) and the two oldest daughters manage the company.
2017 = 25 years of Reico!
The company's philosophy is: healthy soil, plants, animals & people.

Accordingly, there are products in these areas: organic fertilizers, food for dogs and cats, food supplements and herbs for horses, minerals and enzymes for humans.


Monthly feed costs:

  • Dog with a weight of 10 kg approx. € 7.75 to € 15.15.

  • Dog weighing 20 kg approx. € 17.45 to € 25.30.

  • Dog with 30 kg weight approx. € 21.25 to € 37.70.

  • Cats from around € 15 a month.

  • Hund mit 10 kg Gewicht ca. 11,65€ bis 16,15€

  • Hund mit 20 kg Gewicht ca. 19,06€ bis 26,30€

  • Hund mit 30 kg Gewicht ca. 25,41€ bis 38,70€



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Reico Waage



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Ordering and shipping

Bestellung bei Reico

After you have contacted us and the optimal product for your darling has been found, your very first order will be processed through us.


You will then receive your own access data for the official Reico online shop, which you can use to place your orders in the future or view previous orders.


It is entirely up to you whether you order directly through us in the future or on your own in the online shop, by e-mail, WhatsApp or by phone. Everything works from the comfort of your home.


Reico & Partner Vertriebs GmbH is a direct sale distributer, therefore you will not get the products through the usual retail shops, but exclusively through trained sales partners - as we are.

The products are always delivered directly to the end customer from the factory in the Allgäu (Oberostendorf near Kempten). Delivery is either handled by DHL or DPD.


There is no intermediate storage, which shortens transport routes and keeps the quality verifiable.


The following payment methods are possible:



Apple Pay

Direct debit

Credit card



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Reico Partner


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"As long as one has not yet loved an animal, part of the soul remains unwakened"

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