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Mineralisches Gleichgewicht Reico.png
Fütterungsempfehlung Maxidogvit Reico
Bio Lachs mit Apfel und Dill
Bio Rotwild mit Pastinake und Leinöl  hypoallergen
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Pferd Reico
Hundewurst Reico
To ensure that all valuable vital substances are preserved, the individual ingredients are always fresh and natural mixed, carefully prepared and carefully packaged.

high protein muscle meat

fruit rich in vitamins

Algae with important minerals

food-grade, fresh offal

crunchy vegetables

healthy herbs

Naturbelassenes Alleinfuttermittel für alle Hunderassen

Chemistry & free of additions

MaxidogVit® | Premium wet food for all dog breeds

During the development of our MaxidogVit® wet food, as with the entire product range, we were guided by nature. MaxidogVit® brings together everything a dog needs for a healthy, long and contented life: lots of meat, delicious vegetables and our unique algae mixture, which brings the body into its mineral balance.

Reico uses only food-grade, natural and GMO-free raw materials for production . In order to optimally preserve the valuable and essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements, all ingredients are freshly processed in Germany, gently cooked and bottled cold.

With MaxidogVit® you can feed your dog balanced and varied.

Your dog's diet must contain an optimal mix of proteins, natural fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and trace elements. Just as it is for humans, a diet that is as natural as possible is one of the most important steps on the way to a long and healthy life full of energy and productivity for our pets.

Reico's variety of dog food supports you and contains everything your darling needs for a healthy, lively and active life.

Animal by-products: You can read up on the animal by-products used for the respective variety.
The animal by-products used are food-grade offal, such as B. hearts, liver, rumen, lungs, kidneys, throat and udder.

Reico does not use slaughterhouse waste!

Microbiological profile:
The dog food is produced according to the valid EU guidelines.

The meat used comes from German slaughterhouses

Feeding recommendation:
Reico offers different can sizes so that your darling always gets fresh pet food. We recommend that you do not store any opened cans in the refrigerator for longer than two days.

Reico Bio Futter.png
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