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Our history

how it all began ...



On a snowy November day
I fought my way through a snowstorm to Petershagen with my mom's Toyota Landcruiser. On board were - I - Philipp, 19 years old, and a signed Euro check from my mom.
Finally, the time had come, after two years of persuasion I was able to pick up Cora.
Cora was my first dog, a 9 week old Doberman dog. Now the golden hamster era was over. Shortly after that, the super dachshund, Caesar, came along. Caesar and Cora became an unmistakable dream team.
Even then I was intensively involved with the topic of food, because Dobermans not only have a sensitive nature, but also a sensitive stomach. And so it came about that I ended up at Reico through a friend's recommendation.

It was a good 10 years before the day came when Cora & Caesar walked over the rainbow.

Cora & Ceasar

Noodles & Crab


After a short dog break in 2004, Noodles our Rhodesian Ridgeback, just 10 weeks old, came to us. In 2008 Noodles got a little Ridgeback brother named "Crab".

It was very exciting with both of them ...


Noodles hit the rainbow in the fall of 2015 and Crab was soon to follow suit.

He just missed Noodles too much ...


... suddenly Vegas entered our lives. Vegas was a 5 year old Rhodesian Ridgeback from London looking for a new home. We didn't hesitate and Vegas moved in with us.
Vegas quickly turned out to be a real asset in our lives.

Today Vegas is 11 years old.

Vegas Messer.jpg
Ivy Messer.jpg

Then came Ivy

Through the close contact with Vegas's breeder, Andrea Jäger-Mooi River ( ), we became aware of another of her litters in 2018.


During a spontaneous visit, little Ivy captured our hearts. Again we did not hesitate long

- that's how we are - The Messers.

Ivy moved in with us.

She is now 3 years old.

Life is Chance.jpg


... and because all good things come in threes, we've done it again.

Chance moved in on May 21, 2021

and the story continues!

Life is Chance.jpg

And what do the three of them get of course?

Lots of love and Reico!

We have become sales partners out of love for our animals, because their well-being is very important to us.

The feed industry has developed rapidly in recent years. That is why we have decided to provide animal owners with professional advice and support in the nutrition and care of their animals.

Discover the difference, feed your loved ones a few treats and stock up on the most important natural care products!

Reico Vital Systeme Futter

Your Messer family

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